With Campaigns, you can create page specific OptinChats. (This is a Pro feature)

For example, if someone is there on my courses page or About page at digitaldeepak.com, I show a unique message than what I show on all the other pages of my website.

To Create Campaigns, click on Campaigns.

Click on Add to add a new Campaign.

Give a name for your campaign and click Save


The steps are the same as the basic question builder. But in the default question builder, you will exclude URLs, and here you will include URLs.

Save the campaign and leave it. 

You don't need to make any changes to the Javascript code.

Note that you need not exclude these URLs from the default campaign that you built on the question builder. If you create a page specific campaign, it automatically overrides the default campaign.

Problems with Campaigns Showing up?

If you do not see the page specific campaign on the URL, try hard-refreshing page or from a different browser. Sometimes if you have loaded the page many times, it loads from the cache and the changes may not reflect there.